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Mumble service for CnCNet players


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Good day, commanders!


I thought it would be nice to use some spare resources I have to host a small Mumble server for the community to use. Those who do not know what Mumble is, it is a voice-over-ip program just like Ventrilo or TeamSpeak, but free and open source.


Host: mumble.cncnet.org

Password: cncnet


You are free to create public and private channels. This service is not hosted on our main server but instead in the Netherlands so the quality is unknown at this point. If you want to be free of abuse, please make a temporary password protected channel for you and your friends.


Download the latest Mumble client: http://sourceforge.net/projects/mumble/files/Mumble/1.2.3a/mumble-1.2.3a.msi/download


More about Mumble at http://mumble.sourceforge.net/

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yeah sorry i know its not perfect u may have noticed i also forgot to put "le" at the start of everything as well sorry about that i know how doing that makes these things instantly 100x funnier...


maybe we could start betting how long he's going to wait for someone to talk to him before finally giving up, winner takes the excess donation money.

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