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Clarifications please :D


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Tore told me that this problem I have fits in this section. Anyways, I need an extra clarifications on the Team Type and Trigger section. Feel free to correct me because I only know a few things :D


Team Types Section:




Waypoint - If it's set to -1 it means this will be part of the production


Use Safest, Possibly longer, route to target

Charge towards the target ignoring distractions

Only autocreate AI uses this team type

Prebuild team members before team is created

Automatically reinforce team whenever possible


Attack Tarcom

Follow Friendlies

Set Global

Move to Cell


Trigger Section:

  • Existence
    Temporary - Only happens once.
  • Events
    Discovered by Player
    House Discovered
    Leaves Map (team)
    Zone entry by
    Crosses Horizontal or Vertical Line
    Global is Set and Global is Clear
  • Actions I've never used before
    Fire Sale - Sells everything if there's no factory?
    Allow Win -
    Autobase building
    Autocreate begins
    Reveal Zone of Waypoint
    Destroy all teams
    Global Set and Global Clear - these two might be different from set global or global is set and clear so I list this.
    Preferred Target

EDIT: The image below is the type of scenario


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Think? I don't 'think' he's a legend, I KNOW he is. I didn't even know he wrote a RA1 mission making manual.


Andrew Griffin made the first map and mission editor (CC-SCEN), AND the first unit/building/etc. stats data editor (CCEDIT) for C&C1.

Him and Vladan Bato (who documented C&C file formats and made the first mix file editor) are pretty much the grandfathers of C&C modding.

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