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(2-4) Hilltown 2.0


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Hey there! 

Long time no posts from me. Now I return with a new 2v2 map. I started making the map wanting to make a  1v1 map that is a cross between "A Hill Between" and a C&C TW map that I can't remember the name of. But as I got closer to finishing the map I realized it's much more suitable for a 2v2.  More about the map itself bellow. As always any input, constructive criticism or ideas is welcomed.


Hilltown 2.0 (2-4) 

A small town called Hilltown, has it's name for an obvious reason: it is based around and on top of a hill. The starting positions have a decent amount of ore and a small gem patch so the teams will be soon forced to explore the map and find other sources of income to keep their war efforts afloat. The hill in the middle has the largest amount of gems and some ore as well as tech oil derricks, so this will be the main battlefield of the map. Whoever controls this position the longest will be on a good way to victory. But not all is lost if the enemy controls the middle! On the both far sides of the map there are two large ore patches for the taking. Welcome back to the war, commander! 

Download:hilltown 2.0.map


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