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Mission Map : Company of Wolves (Soviet mission)


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Mission map for anyone running Red Alert2 , you will need the Soviet mission Disc. The Zip holds the sov01t.map file and the ra2.csf string file. Place these two files in the Westwood Red Alert2 folder. Then launch the game and select the Allied Mission. There is also a read me file and mini map included in the zip.

Once your finished playing this mission simply remove both these files and the Red Alert Game will be restored.

Author: Concolor1
Editor: FinalAlert2
Created:24th JUNE, 2003

Name: Company of Wolves.
Size: 50x95
Players: 1
Theater: Snow

To play this mission:Extract the contents of the winzip file into your 
Red Alert2 Directory.Launch the game,select new campaign for the Soviets.
The game will then launch.

Info: A small French outpost has been detected on the icy fringes of the Southern Ocean in Antarctica. This appeared an easy target for the great Soviet Empire.
However all attempts at a Soviet landing of any size has been halted and destroyed by the heavy Cannons which line the only entrance to the base.
We know that the island holds an airport that if captured could be used to reinforce your Soviet numbers. We have further information concerning one of Einstein's Laboratories, built
for his experiments when he is posted there. The information contained within that Laboratory could be of great interest to the Soviet people and capturing the structure
will be a major objective.
After heavy losses, its been decided that some kind of specialist Soviet force is required. A group of soldiers, small enough to penetrate the formidable defences, yet
dangerous enough to bring down the entire base.
There is only one such elite force within the Soviet Empire, a legendary unit, known souly as "The Wolves". These highly trained and dedicated conscripts, fight for the
glory of the motherland and fiercely defend their reputation as a force to be reckoned with.
It is a daring plan and will involve heavy sacrifice, only a few stand to survive but it is our only hope.
A Company of elite conscript hopefuls will approach by sea at night, minimising the risk of detection. They will then rush the base defences together. Many will be slaughtered by the heavy 
defences, however they die for the glory of their country. The few which survive this attack gain the much sought after title of "Wolves", and a chance to restore honour to the ranks, and exact their revenge.

 Objective 1: Capture the allied airport.
 Objective 2: Capture Einsteins Laboratory.
 Objective 3: Destroy all five French flags.

Ok so there u have it,this is a single player mission for RedAlert2.
A RA2CFS file has been added.If you wish to install this please back-up your
original CFS file as the text of the mission has been altered in 
order to fit with the maps theme!

Full Information and Credits available in the Read Me file included, along with a walk-through on this one.


other missions available.....

                             1> Signed & Sealed.       (Allied RA2)
                             2> Temporal Exposure.     (Allied RA2)
                             3> Soviet Stranglehold.   (Allied RA2)
                             4> Prisoner of Conscience.(Yuri   YR)
                             5> The Wolves of Winter.  (Soviet RA2)
                             6> Fierce Intent.         (Allied RA2)
                             7> Shock Tactics.         (Soviet RA2)
                             8> Dominance in Mind.     (Yuri   YR)
                             9> Weathering the Storm.  (Soviet RA2)
                            10> In Cold Storage.       (Allied RA2)
                            11> Identity Crisis.       (Yuri   YR)
                            12> Terminal Lunacy.       (Soviet YR)
                            13> Under Pressure.        (Allied RA2)
                            14> Robot Revolution.      (Allied YR)
                            15> Nuclear Winter.        (Soviet YR)
                            16> Last Post.             (Soviet RA2)
                            17> Day of the Desolators. (Allied RA2)
                            18> Engineered to Kill.    (Allied YR)
                            19> Jungle Fortress.       (Allied YR)
                            20> Company of Wolves.     (Soviet RA2)
                            21> End of an Era, pt1 & pt2 (Yuri YR)
                            22> Moon Madness (TX Expansion)
                            23> Siege (TX Expansion)   (Allied YR)
                            24> Wipe Out!              (Allied RA2)
                            25> Foothold               (Soviet RA2)
                            26> Viral Agent            (Yuri   YR)
                            27> Finnishing Moves       (Allied RA2)
                            28> Driven up the Wall     (Soviet YR)
                            29> Wolves at the Door     (Soviet RA2)
                            30> Tanya's Tomb-Raiding Trek (Allied YR)
                            31> Fire and Ice           (Allied YR)









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sucks that i cant play this. i tried and vanilla ra2 absolutely refuses to play campaign maps for me. 

have you ever considered making maps for a mod? there are a lot of mods for ra2 that badly need campaign mappers and it has a lot of upsides like potentially more players, new terrain, new game and fa2 logics, art.ini editing, and the appreciation of a mod's team.

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Somebody asked me last week, but I’ve heard nothing since. Aren’t you working on a Mod?

Its the time to commit to these things that worries me. If it takes me almost two months to write a mission, it would take over a year to make a campaign, by which time those involved might of gone their separate ways.

Yeah this mission is a tough one, took me the best part of a day to recall how I did it originally. That’s what made me add a walk-through for it.

Edited by Concolor1
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i get a stupid error that says "could not initialize scenario" when i try to play it 

i dont work on any mods actively, i just make graphics now and then. i tend to make them public so everyone can use them, which i suppose cant be done with mod campaign maps. you would have to pick a mod with steady development like ROTE if you wanted to try that route. 

theres actually a lot of mods that have lots of content and have been in development for years, but dont have public versions because modders... dont always use brains. you would want to avoid mapping for anyone that wont step up to the plate with public releases though they will probably ask.

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35 minutes ago, Concolor1 said:

Yeah Day of the Desolators is up as well. I really need to sort a page out for that. 

Damn was that one really made back in 2002? I thought most of these mission maps you're posting are recent creations. The oldest custom maps I know of are the Flying Z survival maps like Matrix and Lunatic Moon. I did start back on Xwis though. I'm sure there's a ton of custom maps I've missed out on over the years.


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Flyingz started as I finished lol. I came back to it last year during lockdown. Took some well meant criticism and learnt more in a month from McPwny than I had in all the time writing the early ones. So all the recent maps have Ai teams and little code tweaks to enhance the game. 

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