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Tiberian Sun Training Market


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Greetings. Have you ever wanted to be good at a game? Do you like real time strategy? You've come to the right place. 

Training packages:

Learn how to play GSO map: $20 (takes approx 1hr)

Learn how to play Giants of War: $20 (Takes approx 1hr)

Fully trained in offense and defense meta: $50 (takes 3-4hrs)

Trained to be capable of beating battlized: $150 (takes 8 hrs)

Trained to be capable of beating TheWonder: $600 (takes 40 hrs)

Trained to be competent on terrace map (includes offense/defense meta) $1000 (takes approx. 100 hours)

Trained to be a fully competent competitive player (includes terrace map training) $2000 (tales approx 240  hours). 

Required: Cashapp, discord, mic head set, a PC with 8 gigs of ram and a 2nd gen intel processor or higher, stable internet connection, a 24-27 inch monitor


Discounts: 10% off for anyone who can produce an IQ test over 100 showing you have the mental capacity to communicate and follow basic instructions.

                    10% off for displaying a reasonable APM and hand eye coordination with aimlab.gg


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I signed up for this training and am not happy with the service.


Not only was I called the n-word multiple times, but Black did not show up to two of the sessions and when I inquired what happened, I was told to 'kill myself". Also, I assume they were related, but after I had sent over my payment information, my credit card was then compromised with several charges to a website called bad-dragon.net (I havent heard of it before).

Overall, I do not recommend this training service to anyone.  

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