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  1. Learning to Juke those infantry - Priceless
  2. guess you will just have to watch this then crazy match then!
  3. so wb what the hell happened!? lol
  4. so just doing a quick trial if u kill one of your own units its say an infantry... then sell up in skirmish... i sold 2 buildings pp and barr ( mcv counts for nothings) and one infantry... it said 3 losses, 1 kill and 120pnts.... is points based on cost? at least to a degree
  5. keep it going. its a bit of TS history and its also current for new players looking to get a grip on the game. ive got a youtube channel and ill add the link into my standard info beneath vids if thats cool?
  6. Who do you think the ladder DC noob is in this match ?? Place your bets....
  7. it would be a sweet addition sure. if ya can sort it.
  8. blaming on unfair maps isnt up there.... or unfair positions etc..
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