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Well hello. I was never a main member here, I migrated from the now defunct ra tech center forums. I registered here in 09 to revive my 2003 RA mod Armageddon. Since then I have been out of the loop living life. Recently I became interested in game editing again after discovering things like FullRA and arza or w/e its called. Ra is now much more modable. I'm also glad to see a community does still exist for such a classic. Lately I reinstalled ra and began small mod just for my own entertainment. I'm thinking about making it a puploc release later on. This should be quite interesting given the extent of Ra editing now.


Btw, hi to nyerguds, the only guy I knew back then who's name still appears all over c&c forums!

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You sure did. I was just looking back through those mix files. We added a lot of stuff for that. Admittedly though playing ot again now I could have done a lot better job with things. But I ain't gonna work on that one anymore.


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