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Access violation at address 004069C6 read of address 00000000.


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It might help to tell what exactly you are doing at the moment this crash happens.




The crash happens in a function which is part of an ini_ReadString routine which seems to only be used in the Get_Map_List function. It's used to read the name, height, width and theater of all maps.


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Is it an RAED Lite or RAED Full your using Funky? Cuz mine is Full.


i use redalert1.com version, you need to copy redalert.mix main.mix and raed.exe to a new folder (its only 30mb)



Doesn't matter. If it's caused by oddly-named maps, the sane thing to do is simply to keep RAEd in a separate folder anyway.



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LOL It's not. It's just 26 MB :P anyway I already solved and found the cause of the problem, there's a "C&C 95" scenario that was added to my Red Alert folder that's what causing the error. So in the end I decided to remove it and put it to recycle bin

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