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Tiberian Sun TFD Patched Not Running


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I just installed the complete TFD package, installed the unofficial 3.03 patch thinking: "what could possibly go wrong?". But sure enough it wont launch. Screen goes black and acts like it wants to but nothing happens, that was before I tinkered with compatibility settings, now absolutely nothing happens when I click. Any suggestions? I use Win 7.

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Hmm. I think the only thing it does to TS is a nocd crack though, and a fix to the mixfiles to make the movies still work on the cracked exe.


If the 1.03 patch doesn't do it right, I suggest uninstalling TFD, deleting the remains, reinstalling, and then patching it manually:


The nocd patch from the 1.03 patch isn't mentioned in that, but can be found here:



A collection of nocd cracks for all the TFD games can be found here:



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Well I tried all that and same result. Installed and ran as admin. !st time I went to play it seemed like the game launched but the picture never came up, just a black screen. I could tab out and see that Sun.exe was running, i just couldent see it. No sound either. Think its affinity CPU? I have a quad core.

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I got it working. Turns out when I run the game and the screen goes black I have to push escape, then it lets me select regular or firestorm. But the sounds seems to have trouble loading and the movies don't seem to wanna play when I try to do single player, just freezes. And In skirmish I cannot see how many credits I have, looks like some of the top and bottom is chopped off, any suggestions?

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