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FlyingZ claim for copyrigth just because i play his maps


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False ID claim by troll YouTube manual check fail

I made a live broadcast about the video game that I have been playing for years and it is the main content of my channel, I mean Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge that is owned by Electronics Arts that years ago I wrote to you because YouTube asked for the "video policy" to be able to monetize video game content and I received this answer:


"EA appreciates the passion that players have for our games, and we’re always excited to see the creativity that comes from our community. EA does not object to fair uses of game footage or screenshots on video sharing sites, including YouTube channels that are commercialized, as long as the footage is a version of the game that we have released to the public."


Just yesterday the channel: AutomatorMC - YouTube that only has 3 videos with very few views about the game in question made a claim for copyright to my live broadcast: 


In the details of the claim it says that the manual review was done and that a strike will be applied and my live broadcast will be eliminated without giving me the opportunity to appeal.


Evidently both he and I play the same scenarios of the video game and that does not make it a copy of content just by playing on the same maps, obviously video games have maps and scenarios that when recording a video or broadcast live will be the same for everyone who plays the video game and naturally YouTube will detect that they are similar when it comes to content created individually and not a copy of other content.


In the detelles of the claim it does not appear that exactly is the reason for the claim if a simple similarity or by the use of maps created by the community


I understand that the creators of mods or maps for video games, can not market their creations because in the first place they do not own the video games and the elements they use in said mods or maps, for that they should have a license of commercial use on the video game, because creative commons practically anyone can say that they own any minimum modification and it does not seem enough to say that they own the rights of use of a mod or map because in the first the comañias of videjuegos usually prohibit its modification for commercial purposes, that is why the mods or maps require the game purchased with a license for domestic use and that as EA expresses allows the publication of monetized videos on YouTube and when claiming their commercial use makes them subjects to commercially use said mod or map to be them and only they who can upload content of such mods or maps.


Obviously it is a false claim that a troll has made against my content and that the team that reviews manuelmente these claims has not been layers of realizing that it is a false claim, being human beings are not exempt from making mistakes and therefore should not be allowed to have the last word in these cases.


It is alarming how YouTube with all its infrastructure can not pay employees who know about video games for these cases, I should work as a moderator there in such a case and I would do a much better job thanks to the more than 10 years of experience I have in video game communities, with mods and maps and competitive game.


Attentively a hurt user who loves the platform and who lives on it, if people fail the company fails.

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All game assets, game art, game effects, game mechanics and game engine are property of EA.
Him launching copyright infringement action against you is pathetic and baseless.

As stated before even if you make a mod with new art and new effects, that would not give you the legal basis to claim copyright if someone were to use it and you would have no grounds whatsoever to sell you creation so long as you are still using the Red Alert 2 Engine.

FlyingZ is effectively trying to claim ownership over Red Alert 2 or he's extremely naive and has something against you.

Regardless, what once was a lot of respect for one of the original mappers has now turned into pity.
Shame on you FlyingZ. I expect more from such a role model such as you, especially from someone who has made tutorials in the past with the ethos of goodwill, community and sharing.

I hope you can sort this out Kikematamitos.

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On 12/11/2021 at 3:10 PM, bbglas007 said:

Regardless, what once was a lot of respect for one of the original mappers has now turned into pity.
Shame on you FlyingZ. I expect more from such a role model such as you, especially from someone who has made tutorials in the past with the ethos of goodwill, community and sharing.


It's very off putting in character. Are you guys sure it's the real FlyingZ though?

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Youtube fails again. Wow. I actually feel for you this time.

I don't know what you can do, except for keep posting the same questions over and over again. Until someone, alive and thinking, reads them properly.

I know a famous example, which is TheFatRat. He makes his own music. And even sells it. However, he also posts every song on Youtube. Then there was someone copying his video's 100%. And simply claiming copyright. His channel got closed for a while. It took a while until Youtube realized they made a mistake. And it took even more time till Youtube realized they kept making the same mistake over and over. Now, TheFatRat is like one of the biggest Youtubers out there at the time being. That is why he got help...eventually.

For you, I think the only thing you can do is tell EA games on this. That some idiot on YT is claiming copyright to their game.

I bet that if someone does this with my GearGames video's. GG will be all over the place at YT in that regard. And I am one of the smaller guys over there. They will completely wreck someone like that.

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