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Josef Reichelt's Vector Logos

Marshal Koshevoy

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Long-time lurker, first-time poster.

Several years ago, one Josef Reichelt made vector logos of all the C&C factions, including Red Alert and base-game Generals. Tragically, outside of a citation by No Strings Prd to the now-defunct ArtStation page and one upload to the C&C Wikia, the only surviving references are jpegged previews in two Reddit posts, the original Google Drive repository having since been deleted.

I'm reaching out to anyone who has copies of the files, in the hope of reconstructing the archive. SVG logos are a rare blessing, and I'd hate to learn such quality renders could be permanently lost.

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Hmm. I don't have those. Maybe Stefan knows more, or still has them... you could ask him on Discord. He has his own server, and a link to that is available on his youtube channel:


As a side note, I did notice that the tiny logo in the corner of the C&C Remastered website is an svg...


And you can literally just right click and save that :)

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8 hours ago, Nyerguds said:

Maybe Stefan knows more, or still has them... you could ask him on Discord.

Unfortunately I no longer use Discord; I don't own a mobile phone and piggybacked off a friend when they started forcing 2FA, then last January they tightened the noose to one account per number and I've been soft-locked out ever since.

If someone who does can inquire on my behalf, I'd be eternally indebted. I'll keep my eyes peeled for more leads. 🤞

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