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Game is running too fast


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When I'm trying to play with the 60 FPS setting the game is running WAY too fast. I have tried every solution I can think of (changing the renderer, compatability mode, setting affinity to only 1 core) and nothing has helped.

Here is an example video of what's going on:


By the way, when playing with the FPS cap of 45 or lower - the game runs perfectly fine, which makes me believe the 60 FPS setting doesn't cap the FPS at all, and is just assuming the game will run at 60 FPS naturally.

What can I do to solve this? Any suggestions will be appreciated, thanks!

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This is a small CnCNet UI issue and not sure if it can be corrected since CnCNet's client doesn't know when you play offline or online. When playing in the original game "Fastest" is uncapped FPS in singleplayer and Faster is 60 fps. In multiplayer Fastest is 60 fps and faster is slower. Its basically what bbglas says. It's kinda confusing for those that don't know.

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