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Red Alert First apporach


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Some time ago, I have read something interesting about first Red Alert. Article stated that this game initially was intended to be another add-on to C&C1 (Tiberian Dawn) or C&C0, intended to explain some outlandish technologies appeared in Tib Dawn. Later Westwood dropped this approach and they did huge project, who was an starter for whole Tiberian Universe. Have someone ever met such information ? Are there any alpha/beta stuff, articles, interviews or sketches for original concept for Red Alert game ?

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No, no, RA1 was fully made and released to be the prequel to C&C1. It's only when they made RA2 and such that they changed this decision.


Try just playing through the Soviet side of the game. You'll see Kane and the Brotherhood mentioned in the end video.

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From what I remember, WW regretted putting Kane in the Soviet ending (because they didn't really know what to do with him), but it was EA who retconned it to where RA and TD have nothing to do with each other, and used that as justification for making Generals.

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