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.WSA File Format Maker?


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You'd think people would start knowing this by now...




Check the redhorizon/ folder.


It also includes my own tool to make better stretch tables for the generated WSA files (wsa-ccpalgenerator.rar), since those generated by Red Horizons are kinda crappy. Check the included manual for more info. Do note I made that tool for C&C1, and the docs kinda reflect that. No idea what the stretch tables are called in RA1.




The official release site of the Red Horizon Utilities is here:


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You don't know how to use the command prompt? well... it is a kind weird...


Well... let me see if I can make those things easy for you.


Create a new folder anywhere.

Extract those tools to that folder

Right click in Start>All Applications>Acessories>Command Prompt, and make a shortcut to desktop.

Right Click on the shortcut that you created, and then go to propieties.

On the ShortCut tab, you will see a blank space "Start In:" with "%HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%" (XP). change that to your working directory (like C:\Projects\Mods).

Open it, you will be already inside your working directory. type "dir" (wihout quotes) to see the all files inside it. Note that the .bat tools are listed there too, so you just copy it's name and press ENTER. Note that special options will be required to use'em propiertly.


you can read a quickly tutorial to DOS/Windows Command Prompting here.


@Tore: The tools buttons is a crap to see under Google Chrome.

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need to enter: PNG2WSACC.bat 123.png 123.wsa -w:999 -h:999 -n:999 -f:1 -loop


while 123.png gets replaced with the files you want to convert, -w is the width of the pictures, -h is the height of the pictures, -n the amount of the pictures, -f is the framerate


i think to get a working wsa i chose framerate 1 or 0 and loop also needed to be turned on i think. Could be that i used mpng2shpd2.bat instead of PNG2WSACC .. i also had like 10 failed wsa files that the game couldn't open before i finally found the right settings to make a working wsa

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THIS MAKE NO  :ranting: SINCE!


All I want to do is take a RA1 mission selection WSA that are  320 x 200 and 70 frames that I already made into PNGs with XCC mixer and make it back into a WSA.


I use "MPNG2WSACC.bat TEST.png TEST.wsa -f:12.5 -loop" I have all TEST000.PNG to TEST069.PNG in the same folder as the MPNG2WSACC.bat but it is not finding the Test pngs.


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Yes I'm sure.


Using PNG2WSACC.bat and the line is PNG2WSACC.bat TEST.png TEST.wsa -w:320 -h:200 -n:69 -f:12.5 -loop


The converter.log show..

14:47:41.375 [main] INFO  SingleFileConverter - Loading input file/s...

14:47:41.406 [main] ERROR ConverterCommandLine - TEST.png


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The thing is I thought of that and I tried some of the older Red Horizons as well. None worked that I downloaded. :(


Anyways it working now. I have to recolor all 28 mission selection WSAs. Thankfully all I have do is change the pallet of the first frame of each WSA and mpng2wsacc.bat will recolor the others for 69 for me. :)

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