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CnCNet is now on OpenCollective!


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CnCNet is now on OpenCollective!

OpenCollective is a transparent fundraising and money management platform.  This allows CnCNet to receive donations from the community and manage expenses transparently with everyone.

Bronze Silver and Gold Sponsors
We now have a few ways the community can donate towards a central CnCNet developer fund. Sponsoring like this means we can begin to reward developers for their time working on specific features or projects across all CnCNet supported games.

Hosting & Infrastructure Costs
We also have a dedicated way to contribute towards CnCNet hosting and infrastructure costs.  The cost goals here are currently at $200 per month, this is crucial to keep our services online.

Requesting new features & Projects
If you would like to donate towards a certain feature/goal, please talk to us in the 💻┃developers channel first. 

Please note
Features may take time to develop, and donations towards any feature are explicitly voluntarily, providing extra incentive for a developer to voluntarily implement the feature. We recommend that you consult the Developer channel in the Discord server before requesting a feature."

Finally, we really appreciate everyone's help and support whether that's in a monetary form or by simply sharing CnCNet with your friends.


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