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Map Tool and Tutorial list/guide


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A while ago i decided to make a guide detailing all of the relevant tools/tutorials regarding mapping for TS --> YR

It is currently hosted publicly on Github (i am planning on keeping it in one place, rather than on 4 forums/locations which i individually have to update) , and includes a list of map tutorials i recommend, a full list and breakdown of every relevant tool I've found that is relevant (complete with authors/a description/links), and guidance on the current options for the editor itself.

I have also provided a series of noteworthy projects that show a good example of work

While some tools (such as Holland's FS Toolkit) are only really intended and designed for TS or YR, most tools are compatible both ways between TS and YR.

Link in case your browser decides it doesn't like the hyperlink above: https://github.com/CatTanker/cnc_map_tool_guide


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