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Oil as a FULL resource. Oil Refinery, Oil Tanker, Oil Resource and Oil Silo (RA)


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OK, here it is, oil becoming a full resource.


Here we have a refinery.

It's been slightly changed to have a place for the oil tanker to drop off the resources. + icon

RAR contains the ref, the build up and the icon


An oil tanker,

with fill up and drop off animations. + icon

RAR contains the Tanker and the icon


A "fill up zone" (ore replacement).

You can see here, the top picture of it, is how it looks when not in use (full square of ore).

The animation is how it looks when being used (less than a full square of ore)

RAR contains 12 replacement ore (gold) files, which will need to be replaced in snow.mix, temperate.mix and placed into interior.mix, also.


And (introducing) The Oil Silo. +icon

A new silo, for storing your oil :D

RAR contains the silo, the build up and the icon

(sorry, it had a small issue with the pallet conversion, now fixed :D )



















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Getting the ore into the game isn't hard. Exrtract the gem01 gem02 gem03 gem04 and the gold01 gold02 gold03 and gold04 from the snow.mix or temperat.mix. Now change the ending on them (They will be .sno if you exrtracted them from the snow.mix or .tem if from the temperat.mix) to .int. Note that the gems and golds are just standard shp files with the ending changed to what theater mix they are packed into.


Once you have all of your gems and golds changed to.int extract the interior.mix from main.mix. Put all of the gems and golds into the interior.mix


To get C&C-RAED to read the new ore/tib first make a copy of your main.mix. (in case things go wrong the copy will be a back up) Now put the interior.mix into the main.mix. If you did things right start C&C-RAED and open my map or open one of the stock missions that are interior. At the top go to Mode (overlay) than Overlay and one the side you should see all of the Gems and Gold on the side like in the screen below.


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Hold on, 2 questions.

Did you just copy the gold01-04.tem/sno (shp) and just rename them, then put them into interior.mix?

Which editor did you use to make this map?



Yes just change the tem/sno to int.


It is in the big post above.


Also of note. If you have look in the rules.ini you will see civilian structures, V01, V02 etc. However V20 to V37 are not used but they are still good. They are left overs from the C&C95 desert theater. If you make shps for them and put them into the snow.mix or temperat.mix with the needed .sno/.tem C&C-RAED will let you place them on maps. They don't have remap so the can't be used a player building. The may also work on interior as well but I have yet to test if the will or not.

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I think that the rotation of the oil tanker has one or two frames that seems lightly off...? I love everything else though. :| So they run up to those little patches and suck the oil out?


Heh could be even usable on C&C if tiberium was buildable, did no damage, and the regeneration rate was knocked up huge.

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It's pretty much the same mod, but I'm building from scratch, (maybe gonna change the name) using arda, and rebalancing. Yeah, I know how to make to work, but I'm gonna recompile the game, and use arda, and the small inf patch. etc


BTW, you should update red dawn with arda, you can not only make all the vehicles turn properly and squash when they should/shouldn't, but you can make the MLRS/SSM turret work almost correctly and even make an orca that doesn't have a rotor and even "tilts" when moving...

Even the building shapes can be altered so that the PP and comm center has the top right corner lopped off and you could probably make the adv comm and adv pp the right size etc...

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