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Any RA1 AI Editor?


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Well, I have to be more specific in posting. Anyways, what I actually wanted to tell you guys is that is there any AI editor program for RA1 where the AI can build Naval Yards, Sub Pens, Tech Centers, Advanced Units, Superweapons, and Vessels or make it a Hard AI even if the difficulty is in Easy Mode?

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The ; ******* AI Controls ******* part of the rules controll the AI. As for AI butilding Naval Yards, Sub Pens, Superweapons, and  Vessels. Not going to happen. You can get that AI to build "Advanced Units" by change the Prerequisite= of them to a lower Prerequisite= building. The AI won't build any thing past a Weapons Factroy unless the player dose so first. The AI will build a Tech Center but will sell it soon after unless it has lots of money and power.

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There are some mods done by others long time ago, you could check them out to see whether they meet your needs:


Hard AI by PuMa²

Description:Makes the computer much more challenging to play against without modifying the game too much. They build a lot more things like airplanes and such, build all aftermath units... Hidden units such as the Helicarrier have been enabled, AI's base no longer gets clogged up, and more to come!


Smart Rules by Malcom Lim

Description:Features an improved computer AI which now builds Mammoth Tanks, MiGs, Longbows, Hinds, MCVs, AA Guns and SAM Sites.

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