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Improve "No Spy" option


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So there's this wonderful option hosts can use which is "No spy" which disables spies... duh? 

This option works nicely, but sometimes there are modded maps where Spies are available in other factions (ex: Soviet), and no Spy option does not cover these. Is it possible for "No Spy" to get a second layer where it disables Spies for allied and all the spy functionality if someone somehow manages to make one anyway? Example, making him not be able to spy buildings, or multiple layers that still "hard" disable Spy.

There's some hosts genuinely bothered by said mod maps doing this (ex: Oil in center) and would want "No Spy" also to cover these situations.

Yes, I know the solution is "don't host Oil then" or "host a version that didn't modify spy for soviets" but many versions does, and it can get super confusing and unfair when no spy is enabled  but you end up seeing soviet people spy other anyway.

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I used to get irritated by this when I wasn't mature enough to accept the existence of Soviet spies in the game, at a time when there were no spyless-versions, but
now that we have those (and I'm mature enough), it's no longer an issue for me.

Versions in which the no-spy option doesn't work properly are earlier releases that have other issues as well.
The ones that have a release number like 1.1, 2.0, 3.0... etc shouldn't be played anymore, given that we now have better, final versions.

To be honest, I find it really stupid that some people still host and play those beta versions. There's nothing better about them to make them preferable.

Smaller map, less money from oil rigs/power plants, Soviet spy available even when the Allied spy is removed.. to name a few issues.
But it seems like noob hosts who can't tell the difference pick whatever version, although they have the final ones, but they're too noob to know where custom maps are located. Some don't even know there's a search bar (not kidding).

It's like you're complaining about issues in old versions of the client when those issues have already been fixed in the current one. You only need to update.

The no-spy option applies to both Allied and Soviet spies in the final versions.
So, if you want my advice, favorite the final ones and delete all those early releases (so that you don't get confused) and only play your favorites.

That is indeed the solution to this insignificant problem.

BTW, I played with a host who calls himself the best; he was playing Soviet and used spies by cheating, although spies were off for both sides, but that's another story. Just so you know.

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Posted (edited)

I do know some intentionally host 1.1 because some 1.1 versions have "unlimited money" but that's a different can of worms and a really boring way to play the maps, usually full of camping without SW lol. Unfortunately I see the non-final ones hosted way more than the final one.

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28 minutes ago, Ra2Nub said:

Unfortunately I see the non-final ones hosted way more than the final one.

Haha. Yeah, I noticed.
Another reason to host your own.

28 minutes ago, Ra2Nub said:

some intentionally host 1.1 because some 1.1 versions have "unlimited money"

If they wanna have ridiculous money, they can put 100k credits on any version, which is more than enough, especially if crates are on.
Not counting the revenue of oil and PPs. By the time the original 100k runs out, another 100k would've already been generated. :D


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As with quite a few other lobby options (crates, superweapons, multi engi, no dog engi kills), this really ought to be a tiered option where tier 1 doesn't allow them into barracks, factories or labs. Tier 2 would be none at all, regardless if a particular map still allows for them to be trained. Heck, maybe switch to where it's "No spy entries" instead? This would make all buildings unspyable whether or not the map happens to allow for them. In addition, for guys such as me who typically like to host multiple games back to back, have that random option where you don't know for sure that they're enabled until either you're teched or someone blurts it out during the game. 

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