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100€ tournament 5th august 2023


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Hey guys. I decided to host a small tournament. I see this as a test for future tournaments with more price money.


The tournament will be held on saturday the 5th of august 2023 8pm UTC.
I will try to decide on a format so that the tournament will be over in up to 5 hours.
Please do not forget to convert that to your local timezone. This should help: https://everytimezone.com/s/7a05a63e

Price money distribution:
100€, winner gets all

- classic terrace (with TL fix obv.)
- Terraces redux decider (non vet) (remember to build UP in TR :) )

- 1v1
- single elimination bo3
- no random
- game 1 random spots, player 1 chooses faction first
- game 2 switch spots, player 2 chooses faction first
- game 3 on Terraces redux, random spots, both players choose at the same time (message to 3rd party)

Sign up:
Message me anywhere, in this forum, on the TS discord or in the cncnet client and I will add you to the list.

Participants: 6/8
trooper, c0rpsmakr, foodlion, phatmouse, wonder, holland,  tigerr, toprush


1 In-game rules
1.1 Please use common sense and do not cheat or abuse bugs.
1.2 Players who cheat or abuse bugs on purpose can be retroactively disqualified.

2 Spectating/Streaming/Recording.
2.1 Every game SHOULD be spectated by at least one “trusted” spectator and preferrably streamed and recorded for youtube.
2.2 Any game CAN be streamed and/or recorded by any player.

3 Technical issues
3.1 If a player disconnects before 3 minutes in-game time have passed (AND if they have not been scouted yet), the game will be remade.
3.2 If a player disconnects after that or after being scouted, the game will be automatically counted as a loss, unless the opponent allows for a rematch.

Why at that time?
I tried to find a time window that works for the most people. This specific window at least kind of works for the americans and europeans. I'm sorry I cannot please everyone.

If you think I missed something or have any feedback in general, please feel free to share your thoughts. If you want to help me organize it or spectate/record/commentate games, I will appreciate it.





We have another 2 slots open.


Due to time constraints, the format will be single elimination bo3.


Tournament bracket (spots will be shuffled before start) can be seen here: https://challonge.com/loy12vit

Games will be streamed here: https://www.twitch.tv/slnjy

Games will be uploaded here: https://www.youtube.com/@solts5746

If anyone else wants to stream and record, feel free.





winner is decided, you can see results in the challonge link. If you don't want to be spoiled, I will upload to youtube as fast as possible, or you can watch the twitch vod: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1891069369

The winner refused the price money and I will donate it to cncnet tomorrow.

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I'll participate, however i think the final round should be played on an equal map. TL and TR are far too disadvantageous for a fair tournament for terrace to be the deciding game.

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Although I love the idea...personally only having it on Terr is of no interest to me.

Perhaps a format where each player takes turns picking a map?

Throwback, ff, pit plat, bbg, grays....whatever, add in a variety to attract more people.

Personally, im shit now...however I know I can compete on maps that arnt terr.

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