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  1. Penalize people who are asking for free wins.
  2. You could allow specs to number things. That would allow for tracking of subs, ish.. could number it then hit your follow key to find it. I've just resorted to click dragging all over the map till I find it though.
  3. Real talk. You're the MVP. I've been looking for Battle Day 8 since I converted to CNCNET. Many thanks!
  4. Not sure what the moderators can/will do. Do what you must.
  5. For the game settings. Would those be optional? I know the Multi Fact is highly used in Red Alert, but is not highly used on Tiberian Sun. I'm down for what ever, just throwing the idea out there to make it optional on TS. Cheers -F0odLi0n
  6. I am in for either 2v2 or 1v1 although I am much better in 1v1. Just let me know the dates so that I can make sure I am home.
  7. F0odLi0n

    "Useless" units

    So jump jets [jj's] are used for scouting opponents when you can't get there with infantry. The Hover mlrs is used on forest fires and a river runs near it, Because of the water and the need to kill, wait for it, jump jets. Who woulda thunk it?
  8. T1ght4lfe in 2v2, hands down, same for mola. Ollie and mola both in top 5 1v1 then honda in 6th... as much as it pains me to say that.
  9. Off to a 5-2 start. Should be all down hill from here ;p
  10. Little insulting to see Tsplayer on there, no offense to him, but yeah. That list is the list of people who were on at that given moment lol. Not accurate in any form.
  11. F0odLi0n


    I have lulz for everyone!
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