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Giving Nod Ion Cannon


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I have been trying to get Nod to have repeatable access to the ion cannon in a singleplayer mission. I have managed to get Nod able to capture the Adv. Comm Center through the same script as allows you to in Mission 12 of the Nod campaign. I am now running into problems giving Nod the ability to use the ion Cannon.


I have tried all kinds of methods of script but they do not work, one method I used was ignorantly hoping using the ion cannon action from capturing the centre would work but of course it didn't, it just did a random attack on an obelisk in map as expected. I have modded the EYE properties using TibEd so that Nod can build the Adv. Comm Center but this still does not let nod build it. My theory is that there is somewhere a script inside the game files that disallow Nod to build the Adv. Comm Center or have the ion cannon. The same happens when you capture a Multiplayer Con. Yard or capture their Adv. Comm. Center, as Nod you cannot have access to the Ion Cannon.


I cannot find this script at all, I have tried to find where the script may be and I narrowed it down to the structures.xif but am confused as to the values of the entries. And worse I cannot even begin to percieve how to use my own script to override any script that may exist. I am assuming there is a script to allow Nod the use of the Ion Cannon because of the cheat code in the Playstation version of the game where Nod can use the Ion Cannon by entering the code. Unless this was an additional coding added to the game specifically for this version of the game only?


Without much more rambling my question is this: How can I grant Nod the repeated use of the Ion Cannon by capturing the Adv. Comm Center without modding the game? Or is this impossible?


Thank you for your time and answers! :)

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I have, I changed the .ini file for my map to make the EYE (Adv. Comm. Center) capturable. It does nothing. Now if I make the player GDI and capture it, I do get Ion Cannon. So there is code saying that when you capture it as GDI (even thought it is uncapturable by default) you still gain Ion Cannon. This is why I believe there is a code preventing Nod somewhere probably saying this:




if 1 then:

Ion Cannon=0


Something like that. In other words, as long as this code exists (and I'm almost certain something along these lines it does), then I cannot give Nod Ion Cannon. Funny thing is, even if you are multiplayer 1-6, if your tech tree is of Nod, the same still applies if you catpure an Adv. Comm. Center, you get no Ion Cannon as Nod. Hence further enhancing my postulate that this code exists forbidding the Nod Tech Tree Ion Cannon access.


Now the brilliant part is that even by creating a copy of the Adv. Comm. Center ([EYE2] for example) and let Nod have it in their tech tree (what side can build it), you still can't get Nod to use, OR build the Adv. Comm Center. Which makes me believe the code preventing Ion Cannon is hard wired into the game engine.

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Yeah i could be that.

Anyways if I not wrong, GDI can have access to all super weapons ( ADV. Com. Center => Ion Cannon / Temple of Nod => Nuke / AirStrike <= Trigger ).

But Nod only gets access to the Nuke Strike and the AirStrike. If you try to give an Ion Cannon trigger, it will be given to the AI though.

Maybe Nyerguds knows something more about this.

I think its impossible.


I think there is a way to let "NOD" use it but it will cause a whole mess and maybe it won't work proprealy. You can change the colourschene and changing the Radar Logo by accessing Nyerguds Patch development topic where is the "optional tweaks". The problem is that the player will be a "Stealth GDI", it will be RED and WHITE but you only have access to GDI Tech tree. I think this ways you'll be able to use the Ion Cannon as a "Stealth GDI".


Topic here, just scroll down to find the tweaks.

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So if you GIVE Nod the ability to make "eye" but what if you just make the tech needed to build it higher than the mission and then have one to capture. Well, not sure, were you wanting Nod to capture it. Would that work?

So then they can capture and use it, but not build it themselves, that should give them ion, yes?

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Will you need to build a base in this mission? if not, then try to use the MultiX house, give it the Nod colors, and the Nod radar logo. I think that it will workarround the superweapons stuff. if you need to build a base, then make this:


- Add a Contruction Yard and give it to Nod

- Make a way to get that CY, so you can only build Nod stuff.

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White, I have noooo idea what you mean. If you're Nod, as player, and you got an ACC, you WILL get the ion cannon. Always. I don't see the big deal.


Oh, I think if you enable RemoveBuildExceptions you can build it with Nod after capturing a GDI construction yard, too.

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