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C&C95 TD Savegame Converting


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I recently re-installed C&C95 Gold Edition and patched it with the 1.06 r3 patch. I wanted to play my Command Companion - Eve of Domination savegame pack, but the game calls them obsolete and will not load them. I did a fair amount of searching on this subject, and someone from this site apparently knows how to hex edit the savegames to change the version number. The problem is any thread I located on the subject only said "Open the savegame with a hex editor and change the version number" which, unfortunately, is not very simple. I have the hex editor and the savegames, I just need to know where the version number is stored and what to change it to in order to make the savegames playable.


Any help in this area would be much appreciated.


Thank you,



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The problem is, these obsolete savegames are from the DOS version. The difference between the DOS and Win95 versions is too big for that to work. I tried loading DOS savegames after changing their internal version number, and it just crashed the game.


See, savegames are simply a memory dump of all the lists of units, buildings and other game objects in memory at that moment. This means that if anything is changed in the way that stuff is stored in memory, these dumps are simply incompatible. That's why they add those version number checks in the first place. it's not to sabotage the players, it's to prevent the game from crashing.


Note that all of the missions in these old packs, or at least the ones that aren't just savegames, are being sorted out by Solo, in his Tiberian Dawn Missions Catalogue:


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The DOS list is here

I'll put it in cnc-comm.com in another moment.


If you happen to find any different mission unlisted, ZIP it and send me it with comments.

Also if you have any different SP mission in BIN+INI format, send it too.

I'll prepare another pack soon. The last pack was released around July. I'll revise and update all links too.


If you're a mission maker, we have a lotta stuff pending.


Greetings  :beer:

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