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TS/YR Mapping and Linux Resources


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For the past few months i have been rewriting my map tool and Linux documentation, transitioning it from it simply being two .md files on github repo into a ReadTheDocs page. I have spent probably (i don't want to count) over 15 hours on rewriting the document, as well as several further hours in testing and research, plus a bit more for getting ReadTheDocs to build successfully.  The overall word count sits at just under 5.5K as of January 2024

Currently this covers:

- Every recommendable tool i know for map editing, including map editors themselves, secondary tools, and guides such as changing FA2 themes, allowing for a dark map editor theme.  All complete with links and a summary of relevant information, including an up-to-date list of tools such as WAE and some lesser-known options

- A list of most map tutorials, archives, and major map projects, quite useful if you wish to study existing work before starting on your own, or to simply be inspired.

- A write-up of all the information i know about using CnC on Linux. Includes a fairly substantial compatibility breakdown, easy-to-install-and-use methods for running CnCNet (on both bottles through instructions and an importable configuration, and winetricks through the command line and some small GUI usage),advice for making the map editor work and a pool of links for every bit of information about CnC on linux i could dig up. Fully mod tested and compatible, including for online play.

I hope you find this useful - https://cc-resource-docs.readthedocs.io/

You can also find a static .pdf on the index page, which is built with the docs.

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