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Tiberian Sun Menu Problem


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OK im sorry if this is already been fixed or posted about... But im sick of searching for the solution; Ha i tried EVERYTHING...


1. Does Tiberian Sun work on Windows 8 64 - bit Pro?


Every time i start the game (I applied the graphics patch), either TS or FS will not show any menus past the main... I can start the campaign by hitting 'Campaign' and hitting enter... Same goes with Skirmish. No menues show.


In the campaign, the gameplay is very slow/choppy. Very annoying to attempt to play, i got to build a barracks and its when i clicked to train a soldier; that the game crashed instantly and had to exit.


Is this purely OS issue and Windows 8 users cant experience such levels of low - bit awesome?


Any help will be awesome! Again, sorry if this is an annoying repost of a 1000 threads. Sucks not being able to experience your childhood favorite game ):

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