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C&C Renovatio for Moddb MOTY!


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As pointed out by Aro in the last "news post" looking for votes for Twisted Insurrection "Moddb's Mod of the Year" contest has began and thus begins the worldwide shameless promotion of mods for different games.


As I haven't posted any news for months I'd point you to a rather nice mod for Command & Conquer 3 called C&C Renovatio. C&C Renovatio is a mod that seeks to connect Red Alert with Tiberian Dawn and thus it has a style highly reminiscent of both.


The work of the team behind C&C Renovatio is simply stunning. The units are highly detailed and the scale is simply awesome. I'll let the screenshots speak for themselves:





In addition to the fancy visuals the mod also features a really cool soundtrack!


And as always in a MOTY you are free to vote for multiple mods!


Also happy 10000 posts C&C Comm Center! Only 7 more topics and we are up to 1337!

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