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Map pack of 5 awesome maps


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I have updates my maps a little, add added a few. Lost temple had some minor imbalances on tiberium depending on start pos. And i also added a new more close copy from the starcraft lost temple ^^ One thing i could do better is adding some details, but first i want to see how they play out and if ppl like them, then i will prob make them more detailed and hopefully Mattattack will put them in his new map pack someday ;)

Gl Hf










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Lost Temple? So this is a remake of that classic Starcraft map?

I just made a copy =) It is hard tho to make exact copies that would work with C&C and the small maps the game have. However i think i got a nice feel from the classic lost temple with "dropping on the cliff" style included xD

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You're aware that radar in the center has no power, right? Whatever AI side it belongs to will probably sell it after a while when it runs out of money to repair it from low power decay.

I've personally never found that to be an issue on my maps; just make sure you give that house like at least $5k-- more so that they don't immediately sell the structure if it's attacked.  Or hell, maybe it will add incentive to hurry up and capture it!  :laugh:

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