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ORCA CAZA (fighter aircraft)


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Hello, the topic of this post is because i remember one time playing at NOD, and the other player has GDI, he has Orcas and me Apaches, and some strange or new to me happen. My Apache was Shoting to a unit or a building,(obiusly flying) and the orca, flying too, atacks my Helicopter, like a fighter aircraft. I dont know if this is posible and if i can, how to do?


if this possible or im a crazy? i hope that can be, because if not, the GDI only have the Rocket Launcher Soldier to figth aganist the NOD Aircraft if you dont build the Communication center... Nod Have SAM Sites and Reccon Bike.


Well , tanks for reading and sorry for my Horrible English.  :P

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So just build the damn com center already, and pop down some AGTs :P


But yeah, you can attack other aircraft with ORCAs, but as human player you have to make sure to target the attack command at the moment they're landed.


But even if they fly away, your orca will keep chasing and shooting it :)

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