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HI all i report a crash happened when i launch many tanks to the ennemy base (skirmish and online)  the instruction at 00560b67 referenced memory at 00000011 the memory could not be read from  and crash the game i have latest version  (3.03 p4)

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The game tries to get an object reference from an object ID while checking what weapon another unit should use against that object, problem is the object doesn't exist anymore so an error code is returned instead of a valid reference, the game doesn't check for this and tries to access invalid memory when it normally would try to get data from the object.


Now the problem is that I can't add a check in the function that does this itself, I need to add a check in the function that calls this function when it crashes. And for that I need a crash dump.


EDIT: Nvm, seems I can just fix the function itself and make it return 0. Not sure if that fixes the crash though.

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