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Is it even possible to force unit creation for computer only once?


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So I try to work with triggers now and this trigger system is working of course but my problem is that once I activate a team creation it just like will not stop anymore. :roll: In addiction, when Construction Yard have been destroyed my computer should build a new Mobile Construction Vechile. He create it and I can force my computer to recover the cy but still he build the mcv even if my triggers tells to stop doing that. It seems like I can destroy my trigger but not a team type creation. :roll: Is it really true? Is it even possible to force my computer to build some units only once in certain situations? :roll:

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Even if I use only "Create team..." trigger all units which have been created once keep creating again and so on.


My computer player never can be successful on my map if he keeps building mcv over again and again. :huh:

I also make happen that if I use "Autocreate Begins..." trigger then mcv will not keep building but it still create one more mcv before other units will be created. Is it possible to force computer to create only one mcv? :huh: MCV costs 2800 credits and my computer player don't need to build more than 1 mcv in certain situation. :roll:

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Yes, I have. With temporary existence it seemed to do nothing and with constant existence it crashed the game. :huh: I tried several things with global systems like "if building exist" or "if building not exist".


If I also cannot create a new structure with GAP image to avoid custom mission crash then I even don't know is it reasonable to continue. :huh:

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If Gap Generator is on left and up corner of the map with power facility together then the game will crash at the beginning of this map.


But okay, I try to figure out may-be I am just weak with team types controlling yet. :huh: However, I need to be sure that the most of my problems are not because of Red Alert 1 bugs.  :huh:


Mentioned Gap problems is another problem which I still have to solve and this have nothing to do with team types or triggers.

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Is any part of the Gap Gens "Cover" off the map?

Lots of those cover off the map but only one Gap Generator cause crash. This is tested!


So I need to modify my bases again and only because Red Alert 1 does not allow. I rather try to create a new structure which is like Gap Generator but without function. I and my allies can use those so noone can understand those are fakes. However, I have not figured out how to do that. :huh:

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The projectile off map crash was most common any time a projectile (weapon) was fired and left the map at the top. Since you know what Gap is cauesing it. Bring the gap in more so that any "Cover" it makes is full on the map. The stock Gap Gen radius is 10 squares.


Its not possable to make a fake gap. No other building rotates like a Gap Gen dose.

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Yes at the top  in the ; special weapons is Gapradius=


You may be able to set the Gap radius in the map by adding





Your map may have a [General] so make a quick seach of it first and if it dose just add the gap key to the [General] already in the map. I think 11 is the Gap radius max before the game will crash. Also Gapradius= is used for Reveal around Waypoint ## on maps and the Spy Plane [Camera] weapon.

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I know already which may-be would be a solution for MCV teamtypes. I thought if I force also computer players to harvest from secret middle island then the money would be quaranteed for them and insufficient funds would not be the problem for my computer players anymore if it will not be too hard for human player then. :)

However, speaking about the Gaps I even have thought about setting those functioning to 0 and surely it would be solution for the allies but surely not for the opponents. :huh: If I would be able to set GapRadius for the allies and opponents with a different number then it would be nice but I guess this is also not possible, so... I also tried how would be to drag Gap Generator that will cause crash more in the map but I even cannot hide all the base then so I even don't plan to modify my bases. :huh:


Still, I finally thought that I still cannot quit yet. May-be, I can agree with game crash because my mission will not crash with older version of Red Alert when running in Windows 98/Windows Me compatibility mode. And my problem can be fixed in future when your team here update Red Alert once again. :roll: Anyways, I am sure this must be possible to fix if I am able to run my mission without crash in older version of Red Alert. :)


Or may-be it would be helpful to get all command codes from Rules.ini somewhere with the explanations what those are doing which may help me to get new ideas with the Gap Generators. :)

Anyways, thank you for your participation with this discussion! :roll:

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If the update by Iran is causing the crash you need to make a new thread about it and include the crashdump that it will make in the redalert folder.


The keys/tags/command codes in the Rules.ini are explaned well for the most part but here are some things to expand on it.


Image= and Name= are unstable and cause game crashes when used a lot. Both are only used in single player missions mostly Counterstike and Aftermath. The Image= and Name= are coded in the map so the change is only for that mission.


Gapradius= is used for Reveal around Waypoint ## on maps and the Spy Plane [Camera] weapon.





MTankDistance=20                    ; Radius distance that MAD Tank is effective. Radius is in cells.

QuakeUnitDamage=45% ; Damage the MAD Tank dose to Unit

QuakeBuildingDamage=40% ; Damage the MAD Tank dose to Building

QuakeInfantryDamage=0                ; Damage the MAD/EMP Tank dose to Infantry

QuakeDelay=120 ; Delay before that the MAD Tank explodes in (frames?)

CarrierLaunchDelay=30 ; Launch Delay of the HeliCarrier in (frames?)

ChronoTankDuration=2 ; Time that ChronoTank recharge before it can chronoshift again.


Found in Aftermath missions and mplayer.ini.


[Aftermath]                                  ; Tells game to look for the keys below when placed in a map.

NewUnitsEnabled=1                      ; Aftermath units can be built. 0 is AF units off and 1 is AF units on

EngineerCaptureLevel=66%          ; Damage level that the Building must be at to Capture. 100% full health. 50% Yellow 25% Red.

EngineerDamage=33% ; Damage done to a Building if above EngineerCaptureLevel percentage.

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