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How is this possible?


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Formation glitch. It a very old trick.


All the units will travel the speed of fastest unit when all of the units are put in a formation most of the time.



Build a Mine Layer and put in a group with something slow like Mammoth Tanks.

Then make them a group (Ctrl 1-9) and then a formation (f) *This may now be "C"*.

All the units will travel the speed of the Mine Layer.


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IIRC I've read somewhere that the Westwood guys, while being aware of the formation movement speed exploit, decided to keep it that way in the game for nostalgia/tradition's sake.

They kept it that way because it would be online incompatible with an earlier version of the game they wanted to be compatible with. Thing is that fixing the formation glitch doesn't desync online in any way with previous versions of the game. I tested it myself when FunkyFr3sh told me this.

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