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Two new multi-maps


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OK, it is sad that there are so few people playing, so I decided to lure some in to test these two very nice and brand new desert maps I made last week. One's a standard 2-4 player map, called Dry River Canyon. It is exactly what the name implies and I tried to give it an 'open' feel and a balance between shared tiberium, base entrances, and expansion capability. Here it is, Dry River Canyon:




The second map is a much smaller and rather closed 1v1 map with a lot of interesting features, called Desert Duel:




As you can see, it has very tight base entrances with some space for expansion and maneuvers outside of them, initially sealed off backdoors to your base and two completely sealed off tiberium fields for air expansion. Players also get a one-plane airstrike when they build a comm. centre.* All in all, it's kind of an experiment and I think it has potential to be fun, but can't really be sure. You have to tell me.


If anybody plays these two, please post your comments here, so I can make refinements. To play, just extract the map files to your C&C directory. The map numbers don't conflict with any maps from the mega map-pack and (CN2) DRY RIVER CANYON AND (CN2) DESERT DUEL should appear somewhere towards the middle of the map list.





* Airstrike has been removed from Desert Duel, because of OOS, as GiftS explained below.



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Those maps looks good! :D

But... Don't give airstrike in triggers.... This causes an INSTANT OOS... I tried in one of my maps and it really OOS because of it... Sorry to say this :/


If your use the reinforcement trigger to make the plane appear and attack your foe, it will work... But giving the superweapon will cause OOS when used.


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so in what directory should I save the files?

C&C1 is originally a DOS game. Such games only look in two places... the game install folder, and the CD.


Now, which one do you think you'd have to put custom maps in?  :roll:


(hint: it's the one that is not read-only by design)

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