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What are all these new units?


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Hey guys, I've been playing Red Alert for years, and I started making my own missions in 2008. Just wondering, in this screen cap http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?action=media;sa=media;in=733;preview I can see a crap ton of buildings and units that are way different from the originals. How do I get them without destroying my game? Or just how do I get them? And if I download the files how do I apply them to the game?


I download the oldcncstuff.zip file from this site, I want to know where I extract the files to exactly? There's a lot of folders in that zip file, do I just put them in the directory?


I downloaded a mod from ra.afraid.org that changed a lot of the units and actually completely compromised the game's inner workings, and I don't think I can remove it but that's fine.

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That is not a screenshot from Red Alert it's a screenshot from the original Command & Conquer game.


Oldcncstuff.zip is a compilation of old maps and tools that were on the Defcon 3 disk for Command & Conquer, it's mostly for the specially interested, many of the tools might not even work as they are made for DOS.

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