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CnCNet Language Filter?


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I have been noticing some foul language on CnC Net that I do not like. I am thirteen and I have seen words that I have never heard before.  :down:

This is objectionable to me and my parents. Does anyone know a way to get some kind of language filter for CnC Net?

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Unfortunately what Tore said is right. There is currently no way to filter or censor messages in the lobby or in-game. Westwood did not implement such things for LAN games because it would have not had much practical use. Also for technical reasons when a peer-to-peer game is commencing (even on CnCNet 5), the traffic does not even go through the CnCNet server so such filter will be impossible to add at our end.


CnCNet 5 is done in such way it will be possible to add optional language filter in the pre-game chat.


At this point, the only way to avoid is to not play on CnCNet if people are using offensive language that you or your parents do not approve of. My personal advice is to "get used to" such people and ignore them. The internet is full of them anyway and it is impossible to avoid them everywhere.

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Well, I was thinking more of a filter in each player's lobby communicator. The added code might be some variant of this:



if (incomingtext.find("badword")


      incomingtext = "*****";



The communicator would automatically change any objectionable words to *********.

The server would not need to do anything.


You could even put in an option to disable or enable this feature.

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Even if there was. It would be easily bypassable and most of the time you can edit variables in a word to get a different outcome although getting the point across. I honestly think it is unnecessary and would be a waste of time to implement.

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