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New in here ! but not new to the game :)


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I just found this website through Youtube. whoa, nostalgia... 1990s rocked.. carrying this game with zip files with dozens of floppy disk if you know what I mean. DOS /DIR UNZIP  yup yup.


Anyway is it possible to play this game online? as in against another person (Not the LAN, I mean over the internet).


I am pretty sure it is because the forum seems to include lots of topics, but haven't really looked around, so I'd appreciate if you answer on this.


I want to play CnC tiberian dawn, sun, maybe even gold and red alert (I,II, Yuri's revenge) - o and where can I download these games?

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you can download Tiberian Dawn, Red Alert (1) and Tiberian Sun here.

Just use the cncnet launcher to play online (most ppl play red alert online)


I also suggest you read up on strategies and Tips.


And welcome to the forums.

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Thank you for the response.


It looks like there is online program as well as full game at the download section for the full-non-cd games.

I will be downloading maybe later, things are bit of busy today and I want to relax little bit.. Hope there is no technical issue!


I use XP by the way and it says its compatible !

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