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How do you alter ore growth in Red Alert 1, aftermath, etc? and other questions.


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1.  I'd like to make a map with small ore fields that regenerate and insanely fast speed so the map space isn't wasted by ore and gems. I downloaded a map long ago that had ore surrounded by rocks and it grew extremely fast. It was obviously setup so that you had more usable map space instead of the massive ore and gem fields most maps have. Been using C&C RAED and I went to the rules.ini and under income and production I see "GrowthRate Minutes between ore (tiberium) growth" I tried setting that to something low like .1 but after saving and loading the map it doesn't appear as if it did anything.


I'm new to the editor though I never knew it existed until recently. I'm also getting a message when I save the map. "Width *height > 9216 - need V 2.0" Not sure if thats saying I need a different version of an editor or a different version of the game. I'm kinda clueless.


2. Is it possible to make a map bigger than 126 x 126?


3. The map I'm talking about above was also in a .mix file or .mmx or something with a bunch of other maps. So the red alert folder wasn't cluttered with 1000's of .mpr files. How do you put maps into a file like that and the game will recognize them?

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That is pretty cool I'll give it a try. Do you know how to increase the maximum ore that a refinery to can store? That was something else I was attempting to do. Be nice to get rid of that constant "SILOS needed!" Lol


thanks again.

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put that in the text file on the map,

but note that this works for any building





3. Putting maps into mix files is ok but for some reason I cannot open the ones in .pkt files in RAED which is incredibly annoying

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