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Play Red Alert over Hamachi?





I really would like to play Red Alert 1 over Hamachi!

I heard of some people that you and they can play Red Alert over Hamachi.

I know Hamachi dont work with all Games.

I tried out to play Red Alert over Hamachi but i dont find my friend in the Game Lobby.

Do you something to consider that it work with hamachi except router configuration???


Please Help!!!

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Dont it work with the original lower versions?

Do it only work with 3.03??

3.03 is really different in every way, so i want to play 2.00!!!

Why it dont work with v2.00??

Or can i repatch the 3.03 Version with rules.ini so that it is like 2.00 but you can play over hamachi??


My Operating System is Original Windows XP Professional 32 Bit German Servie Pack 3 Version 2002

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Why can i not use the newest Version of Hamachi??

Btw on this download you get refered to the newest Version of Hamachi

You dont get there the old Version you told me to download :-(

But i found Hamachi v on a other website :)

I use the Original newest Version of Red Alert 1 v2.00 with Am and CS.

And why i need a UDP Lan Patch i want to play with TCP/IP.

Can i not use the TCP/IP Lanpatch for Red Alert 1 ???

This would be better.


And then i would like to know if i want to play a mod from RA1 over Hamachi, just need both players the same Rules.inis and then it work too???


Thank you in advance :D

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