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Spy plane malfunction dropping a nuke?


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So after making a map, I was using tibed to make some changes to the techlevels and whatnot, saved it to the map, got into the game and the changes i made worked everything going fine, then I noticed the spy plane is dropping a nuke, but I didn't tell it to do that, I even checked after and all the spyplane settings and weapon were normal,


Anyone know why it would do this?



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Tibed is a joke and messes eveything up. Just use notepad.


Soviet Counterstrike Mission "Nuclear Escalation",  Soviet Counterstrike Mission "Legacy of Tesla" and Soviet Aftermath Mission "Situation Critical" have the parabombs explode as a nukes. Maybe Soviet Counterstrike Mission "Paradox Equation" but I'm not sure.



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lol I knew i'd get the business for bringing up Tibed :P Still i don't know I also have a huge Red Alert 2 mod which I used tibed to do almost all of the Ini editing, although it did cause a few small problems and leaves a lot of extra ; code everywhere, it makes it so much easier to move around and very user friendly and just..  more organized, maybe it just needs to be updated? and it has a lot of descriptions too,


Does anyone know of a notepad like program that let's you do more organizational things? Quitting Tibed would be hard I think, but I know it's best not used,


Im thinking the program just needs updating and more work maybe


Do you guys remember a program called SunEdit 2k or Tiberian sun? when I discovered that program as a kid I fell in love with it, until it started crashing my game

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