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RA1 - Crushed Ice - WIP


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Hi there!


ty Jacko for showing me how to setup spawns!

ty Iran for linking me to your screenshot tool!


I made this 2v2 map for RA1 (its my first one):








Please lmk what can be improved and if u like it or not!


Also got a question regarding full map Screenshots (this is what i found):


As for full screenshots, you're fresh out of luck there, that's just XCC Editor that allows saving a map you open as BMP file. Since XCC Editor is just a C&C1 map editor, that won't help you in any way for RA maps.


Is there a way to convert the map file into cnc1 format so u can use XCC Editor or are there other ways to make a full map S/S? given this quote is quite old there might be ways around this now. Thanks for any help!



You can use this command line tool to create full map previews for RA1 maps:




tyvm! i already thought about sending u a PM when i saw one of your threads, but u were quicker =)

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