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Error: 'Other system not responding'


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Hi all,


I always receive in cncnet onlien gaming with Red Alert 1 the error:  'Other system not responding'!

It is when multiplay game starts with other players, after 25 seconds waiting for connections!


What can I do??

Some router settings?


Thanks in advance.


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Do all games fail to connect for you ? Then the problem is on your end for sure, allow it in your firewall/anti-virus ... If that doesnt help then turn firewall/anti-virus off and re-install the game to a DIFFERENT folder (do not use the same folder again!!!!)

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I find this happens mostly when starting a game with 6 or more players after a countdown about the connection, games with less players and the very occasional large game are fine, it might be if the game cannot synchronise everyone's connection at game start.

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if you play with random people you dont know then there is always a chance for this to happen :D some people just downloaded the game and didnt allow it in their firewall


i play with the old players only (i know every one of them) and 8 player games connect all the time

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