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Tiberian Sun - Possible changes?


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as it looks like the community on this server is growing, so I thought about whether or not it is possible that we can get some bug fixes going. Would be really cool, as there are some really annoying bugs here and there and they are probably not too hard to fix. But before we make a list would be good to know if people even want that.

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one big bug is like on some maps like Terrace if youre put on the right side of the map a lot of times aircraft wont spawn off the map when built and with no empty helipad. i guess a solution could be to make it instantly spawn next to the helipad like when a ion storm is occurring? im also curious if you could turn off the evasive harvester feature so they drive around enemy units. a lot of times this makes it hard to crush enemy infantry with harvesters or the harvester will run from a single enemy infantry when going to harvest. i think the problems outweigh the benefits. i think these changes would make people mad though sadly if it didnt have a toggle but id use it.


some maps also have serious spawn imbalances like hardly any tiberium at some spawns compared to others. but personally thats just part of the game but still unfair.

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90% of the maps are unbalanced, it's just a flaw in the game that's 15 years old. I believe the community should build tournament maps like starcraft that are completely balanced and symmetrical with set credits and options. More glitches to be fixed:


1) sometimes when you build more than 1 jump jet infantry, the units do not come out of the barracks


2) glitching over the cliff in top left on terrace map to expand is widely ACCEPTED by the community, so being able to just build over the cliff without glitching would be convenient


3) fixing the names of some of the maps would be nice, there are some spelling errors such as "terraces" instead of "terrace", and putting recommended players on the map. eg (2-4) and distinguishing the maps as small to large would be helpful to new players


4) putting the host of the game at the top of the game channel. Not that important, but convenient


5) putting in a ranking ladder for players and clans :P


6) being able to click 'main channel' while in a 'game channel' and being able to see other game's in the lobby. Convenient to see how many games are up while in your game channel


7) Glitching an air unit (usually a carryall) with another air unit. If a carryall is about to land, you can click your air unit to move directly underneath the unit and the carryall will liftoff again. The glitch is used to stop carryalls from landing in a base, by continuing to do this, your sam sites can continue to hit the carryall and kill the unit before it's able to land (not sure if this glitch is fixable, but it would be nice. A lot of the time it's an accidental glitch. However, sometimes the one unit that is glitched, decides the outcome of the game)


This is all I can think of as of now, I'm sure there's many more


It's great to see how fast the TS community is coming together. There are many more pros returning to TS and switching servers. I think these little switches will help the next generation of players coming to TS

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1) sometimes when you build more than 1 jump jet infantry, the units do not come out of the barracks


this happens btw if the barracks has a waypoint, the first JJ comes out, and everything after that gets blocked.

would also be cool if you can completely delete the waypoint of buildings with the stop hotkey or something


Another one:

If the Mammoth Mk2 is leaving the service station with an attack command (for example if hes being put on there by a carryall), he instantly explodes.


Part of the carryall glitch:

Does not only happen when the enemy sends air units under it. Sometimes when you have 2 carryalls that land side by side, they do not unload, they just land with the unit below them. Same thing can happen on service stations.


EMP glitch:

If you unpower your EMP, it gets killed and you build a new one, the new one is instantly ready again.


Something which might not be a glitch but its really annoying:

If an air unit is flying by an anti air unit, like rocket men or hover MLRS, they will just chase that unit forever. This doesnt happen with ground units, although they also get stuck in the attack command, but they dont actually move.

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i agree. we need michael jackson at the missile silo. in all seriousness though. gdi is a pain in the ass to get ion cannon and hunter seeker. nod just has to sell tech then build temple and missile silo. gdi has to keep tech and then get the mounting structure before selling tech. this is rather extreme just like nod needing temple for the commando. you will only see ion cannon used extremely rarely maybe 1 out of 100 games or more often if the player is just dicking around cause their opponent sucks. missile silos are in most games that last even moderately long.


the balance between nod and gdi is very drastic. titans can survive being bombed. tick tanks cant. etc. also, many people would rage if you changed tiberian sun. ts is a very competitive game. since im a part of this group of people i know how they would react.


i used to make graphics mods to try to better the graphics. i bite my tongue here and dont even dare recommend changing the graphics like adding smoke to power plants and more detailed units etc like tiberian sun retro. its meant to be played the way westwood and ea made it.


i recommend you make a mod then try to get it hosted here like others do. thats the best bet.

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More bugs:

- In Rescue Stratos mission: Can’t make units move past a certain distance without waypoints some ways into the mission, tiberium fiends don’t attack, need to destroy even the walls (laser fences) to win (more of an annoyance I guess)

- Vega’s Dams Station mission: Rocket soldiers try to destroy a bridge without it taking damage while a GDI air transport unit tries to land on your own troops until you reach a certain point of said bridge (then it lands on the bridge but deploys nothing)

- Vega’s Dams 2: Orcas in your base won’t attack certain targets (won’t respond to the attack command) unless you move up next to them

- NOD artillery doesn’t have inaccurate shots until playing the expansion

- Upgrading a GDI power plant also repairs it for free


This one may have been fixed:

- When playing as GDI build a firestorm generator and place a section of firestorm wall anywhere away from your base; NOD will never attack your base with missiles as long as this section remains. There is no need to activate the firestorm, just having a section laid out is all it takes.


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