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Red Alert Allied Campaign


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Just wondering if anybody can help or direct me to the necessary thread. So got Red Alert working on my Windows 7 machine today, awesome stuff, using the patch from 2010. Two things are giving me problems though, I've to exit the game every time I want to reload a mission or saved games, otherwise it crashes. The other issue is that I can't seem to capture buildings with engineers, they enter the buildings but nothing happens, made it to level 4 of the allied campaign and can't capture any of the enemy buildings to progress within the level.


Would really appreciate some help. Really awesome to play this game again.



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Thanks for the replies. Yea I just remembered how to use the engineers. Still having problems loading saved games from within the ingame menu (still crashes), but found that restarting missions and then loading the saved games works fine. Using a downloaded version of the game I got off the net with patch 3.03 . I was going to mention I was mounting the image but then again patch 3.03 is a no-cd patch. Besides that everything is working grand besides a lag (when strolling across units) and some crazy colours from time to time. Just thought I'd let you know, if it is helpful at all. Anything i can do to improve things more?


Really awesome to play this game again. Thanks for the help.

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download RA1installer, select your game folder and choose patch existing installation:



it will solve the color problems, it also adds a high resolution patch and a plenty other things (hopefully it will fix your mission save bug too)


and yes, a link to the place where you downloaded your version would be nice :)

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