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New RA mod announced! Command and Conquer: Civil Warfare


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Jacko released a new mod for Red Alert today called Command and Conquer: Civil Warfare which contains a lot of different balance tweaks to the original Red Alert. Below is a gameplay video.



I'll let Jacko describe the new sides himself.


You have the two armies - The Allied People's Army (APA - Allies) vs The Royal Black Hole Army (BHA - Soviets)


Both of these factions are totally different from the other.


The APA use conventional tactics and weapons that have been tried and tested for many years, thus they are stable, simple and averagely powered.

The BHA, however, use many discarded and prototype technologies that were either a bit ineffective, expensive, or were simply deemed too dangerous to use by the APA. A lot of their weapons are derived from flame or tesla weaponry.


The Goal of the APA overall is to protect civilians from attack of any nature, and to ensure the defense of the nation.

The Goal of the BHA however is to assume control of the country as part of their grand plan for global domination, where civilians and soldiers are generally seen as expendable.


If you're interested in this new mod check out the announcement topic.

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Unoriginal and crap imho, guy isnt very bright or talented lol



You aren't very bright and talented either. Come on, go make a mod if you think this is so crap. Ex-fucking-actly. All you do is whine about people who are better than you are cheaters, omg report them all!

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Unoriginal and crap imho, guy isnt very bright or talented lol


HAH you wish.

I'm smarter and better than you could possibly imagine


Even this very trolling attempt is overly obvious, doesn't annoy me, and just kinda makes me feel sorry for you. Give it up bro this mod, no one will play it and youve just wasted heeps of time on it for nothing. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA


I feel sorry for you, how you so desperately try to troll and receive attention. Go complain some more, will ya? No one will listen anyways.

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