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Red Alert 2 Brutal AI A push over?


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Just installed Red Alert 2 off my old CD's again and was playing a LAN skirmish with my brother. I am not a pro at C&C by any stretch, but compared to Tiberian Sun, the brutal AI in Red Alert 2 was a pushover. It seems like the AI never attacked, or built super weapons, just sat in their base.


Is this how the AI was in RA2 or did something happen in my game perhaps where they didn't behave correctly?

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Try this one:




...it won't be a push over!



-download into your RA2 folder

-restart RA2

-keep a stress ball within reach to stop you from throwing the mouse at your screen

-go to Skirmish and choose "HecK Extreme Ai v2.0 by XMaDTanKX"


The original topic made by it's creator is at:



The link at that^ topic no longer works so you'll have to use the one I provided above. Have fun!

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