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Hello all


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Newbie here! I just started as a beta tester.


I would just like to say that this mod is probably the most impressive mod Ive seen in a really long time. Hopefully we can all make it the best!





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*nods* Yes... Your scaring ppl away... (sorta) :ranting:



lol Its all good people... TDR is epic in its own special way...  :mammoth:


It has Mammoth tanks! As CWC does not! Bwahahahahahaha  XD


Yes, CWC is an excellent Mod... I congratulate the hard working team for balancing out the time in their lives to make it happen. Just as I am for TDR...





Dros has disappeared as he told me that he has lost out on time and interest to Beta Test TDR so R.I.P. unless he returns.

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