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connection speed required


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Before I logged in the other day my speedtest came back as 3.18MBps down and 0.86MBps up, yet I am dropping out of every game within two minutes of game start. Also noticed since the 'live stream' sticker appeared consistently this is a problem whereas before that sticker appeared I rarely dropped.

So how fast do you need to be, considering I find it ridiculous that above connection cannot play a game that is 18 years old.

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The "live stream" button is in no way related to dropping connections unless there's some very weird bug going on.


While under half a megabyte per second isn't an amazing connection (speedtest measures in megabits, not megabytes) it is more than enough to play on CnCNet. The issue seems to be the connection quality with other players.

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I'm normally using a USB dongle, until a few weeks back used to tether (cable) through my phone, the problem seems unrelated to the change this started happening some time after changing to dongle but other sites are fine.

So what does the live stream button do?

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