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Missions by Alexander Klietz


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I got an interesting email today, from an oldskool fan who had been looking through some very old backups, and found two missions he had made some 17 years ago. He asked me to put them online, so, I guess this is a good place to do so :D

I cleaned them up to standard Covert Ops format, and gave them a try. They're both pretty interesting combinations of bases and commando-style missions.

Anyway, here they are:

Land Sea Air - all kinds of weapons engaged
(originally meant to replace GDI mission 6)

In preparation of a landing operation in this area, you have to destroy the airstrip of a NOD base located in the northern mountains. First take out all SAM sites at the shoreline to secure Orca attack aircraft support from a nearby island base against tanks and gun turrets.

Nyer's notes:
Sadly, it seems this one is literally impossible to lose, since you have an inaccessible air base island which Nod can't reach in a million years. However, once you lose one of your Orcas, it also becomes pretty much impossible to win, and you're usually forced to restart the mission. I wonder if an "all units lost" trigger for losing on this one wouldn't have been better, but the patrolling GDI gunboats probably make it hard to ever reach that, too.

Get the mad scientist
(originally meant to replace GDI mission 9)

The research facility of Dr. Moebius has been taken by NOD. Our first attempt to recapture it failed miserably, now it's your turn. Find Moebius and get him out by transport heli, then locate and destroy the enemy's bio-research center! Reinforcements are on their way.

Nyer's notes:
The first goal of getting to Moebius is actually fairly simple. However, fighting your way through to the bio lab... that's quite a different issue. And at the very end of the mission, there's a really interesting twist in the gameplay O_o



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Thanks a lot, Nyerguds, for posting the missions here! And of course for your tips and comments!  :D Hope y'all enjoying this old stuff.


I have added a german briefing to both missions now, too, and made a few more (minor) changes to the readme. So consider the attached as the final release.  ;)


EDIT: Removed the attachments, pls. refer to the updated first post.

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I added the umlauts into the briefings, and updated the zip files in the first post :)


You need to have a text editor which supports changing the character set to add those, since you need to add them in the DOS-437 text encoding which is used by C&C. (Though you could cheat and use the CCConfig tool's multiplayer nickname field to generate the words with umlauts and then copy them from the "Handle=" line under [MultiPlayer], since my tool converts the character sets ;))

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Oh, I found out that in the Moebius mission, if you press "H" really fast, you can sell the construction yard. Not only does that give extra cash, but with some luck and some careful troop management, it also gives you an extra engineer :D


Ah, I see, that's the trick here, of course.  :roll: Great!

Yeah... the special characters in Windows are mapped to different bytes than they are in DOS. It takes some research to wrap your head around all that  :huh:

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