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cnc95 colour problem



whenever i try to play cnc95 i get problems with the colours they are turning purple and yellow ect on the screen where u chose play game network ect. i have tried running in administrator mode, compatibility with 95, disable visual themes, updating the graphic and moniter drivers, changeing resoultion, having the cnc setup with none of the options ticked any more ideas and pressing alt+tab :S i really wanted to go online with it too

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"Acer Empowering technology"


is the problem but the 1.06b patch fixes these colour issues so you dont need to uninstall it

(i know i have the acer software and the patch)


The Acer software effects all the old WW games (CnC, RA and SS) pallets and colour settings.

(pink nukes, blue health bars, shadows can be seen.... i thought i realy failed the first time i played CnC1  XD)

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oh yeh found that deleted it still colour problems

edit:dont matter i think ive got it now

edit2:yep seems to be running smoothly give me 2 missions then ill set up ports

edit3: sorry if i keep editing here but thank your all who helped me get the game working

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