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How to let the AI replace Orcas/Apaches?


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Hey guys,


how can I get the AI to replace Orcas or Apaches it gets from prebuild helipads in Tiberium Dawn Maps? The actual problem: I found an old map where you (GDI) share your base with an AI (multi2). Now the AI has two helipads and uses those Apaches to defend the base. But as soon as they get destroyed they stay destroyed.


I tried to create a team of two apaches the will have its members rebuild but this did not work. Any ideas?

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Short answer - no, the AI can't build air units. It can only repair them if they're stil alive and if it has a repair pad. I'm 99.99% sure the "create team" command will not work for helicopters, but the AI will rebuild destroyed helipads if you put them in the base section... Of course, that's irrelevant to your question.


EDIT: If you look around this forum, and especially the singleplayer missions and posts by Nyerguds and LKO (Lin Kuei Ominae or something), you could probably figure out a way to reinforce new helicopters instead of making the AI build them. F. ex., the only AI units are those two apaches and you make a looping trigger which reinforces 2 apaches every time the AI loses 2 units...

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Yes, it's via Reinforcements. You can make one side with only Apaches and, whenever a unit is destroyed, it receives a replacement via reinforcement.


In one mission of the Arctic Campaign, I reinforce the CPU with Apaches and Orcas using TIME command, they use whatever helipad they find. Check SCG96EA in the collection, if I got it right what you want.

One of the last missions of LKO uses passive helis, so you can conquer it without being attacked. I think it's one of the features added by Nyerguds in the 1.06B or C.


Angel-oh-No: Btw, which old map is it: Is this map yours, from the collection, something you play or something you're mapping, etc...

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Ok thanks for the help. I will have a look if I can handle this through reinforcements.


The map is from a map pack which was distributed on a German magazine called PC Games. They had a CD comming with their magazine and this CD included a "content by readers" section. It was a cd from 1996. Some guy called "J.F.Kohlrus" created this pack together with his son who distributed it through the magazine. By that time it was the only mission pack I had ever seen for C&C 1.


There are some very cool missions in it. But most of them are a bit buggy. The creator did for example not know, that trigger 26 is always the starting point etc. I try to rework most of the missions or better just debugging them. My personal favorite is the mission I was talking about here. You have a shared base together with one AI fighting against another AI  :)


When I am finished I will share the whole mission pack  ;)


PS: Anyone willing to translate all the german briefing text?  :laugh:


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Kohlrus missions?

Nah, you don't have to debug nor translate it. Everything was done already, by Nyerguds, check it here

But you're right, those are great missions, I can understand your compulsion to make them work, Kohlrus is a genius.

If they are just Kohlrus missions, then we got them already. If you have missions from other authors, I'd be interested for that project of the link.



@Nyerguds: yes, I said "replacements" but it's not accurate. In the mentioned missions I used a Time trigger. The units attack until they are destroyed and it happens closer to the next turn.

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Yeah, I already translated Kohlrus's missions. Probably fixed 'em up too, but not sure there.


My translated versions of them can also be found here:


They're translated using the C&C95 v1.06 language system, meaning that switching the game to German will give you the original German briefings.

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