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Nyerguds RA Lost files not working with FunkyFr3sh Red Alert Installer on Win 7


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So I've recently gone back to play all the C&C games and have reinstalled ever game in the series bar the last one on my Windows 7, 64bit OS.


My thanks to the various people who have done the installers for the earlier games to work on the newer systems.


Having played the PS version of RAR, I was glad to see a mod that added the exclusive movies into the PC version. Problem is after installing the mod under two different setups I can't get it to work. When I run the lost files exe all it said is "please run this in the red alert directory", which of course I have already placed it in, I've tried both exe with no luck.


I tried this with both a download mirrored from the installer and using my disc copies from the worldwide warfare pack, Red Alert runs fine but the mod for the LF refuses to work. The FunkyFr3sh installer itself includes the game patch to 3.03 and I tried over writing the game with the standard 3.03 patch which added "ra95.lcf" in case it being missing from the default install was the problem but still no luck, that said their is no file name"_ra95.lcf" in any install I used. I did wonder if it was a directory issue which the la.exe needed and I installed the game to c:\Westwood\REDALERT which I think is the original path but still no luck.


Anyone have any idea of the problem?

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and this:



Do not replace any files, the original 3.03 patch does not support the videos :)


Cheers that's what I needed google searches were only bring up links to the older version for the lost files. Installed and working perfectly now cheers with these newer ones.


As an FYI FunkyFr3sh for your current installer you might want to add in a change disc feature for the CD install. As you can't select both disc if you only had one CD drive as it won't ask you to swap disc during the install, and will just copy over the alliance files twice. Only way round it I found was to extract the content from disc two to a folder on the hard drive and point the second cd to that for the install.

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And while we're at it:

I've tested your installer recently and I'm very fond of it.


But I have some feature suggestions for your installer:

-Videos in different languages (English, German (Censored & Uncensored), French, you name it)

-Videos from Retaliation (eventually in different languages)

-The Music tracks from Retaliation (& eventually the "censored" version of Hell March 1)

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Videos in different languages are already supported, the installer supports all original cds (english/french/german) !


The main purpose of the installer was to avoid hosting huge files, like that it will continue to work even if cncnet is down or dies out. The bonus stuff can be downloaded manually from nyerguds/irans sites


If there would be some volunteers to host all these big files i would for sure make them downloadable directly via the installer, sadly the only option currently would be using filehosters but i'm not a big fan of those and direct downloads are not possible from them either :(

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